Aqua Gym

A sport for everybody, whatever age. Aquafitness devices are the new aquatic must-haves for wellness – healthy activities in the swimming pool.

A complete line-up of aquafitness devices:

  1. Aquafitness Aquajog: run and walk in water Treadmill- a training without pain
  2. Aquabike: cycling in water on exercise bike
  3. Ellyptical Elly: cross-trainer underwater
  4. (Aqua Gymstick)

As new therapeutic tools – they provide different physical therapy options – 3 benefits:

  1. Pressure therapy
  2. Lymphatic drainage
  3. Movement rehabilitation

The pedal flow (bike) preserves sensitive joints and contributes to improved range of movements and better joint flexibility.

As training tools, the water pressure improves cardiovascular capacity and endurance. The water movements provide massage effects, stimulates blood flow to the legs, which then feel lighter and relieved. Muscles like quadriceps, gluteus, thighs and abs are simultaneously exercised, contributing to a better toned body.
It is excellent for resuming a physical activity after a break or an injury. And no matter what shape you are in, you can always customize pace and resistance to your own needs.

  • Seniors
  • Those with sensitive joints
  • Those with excessive weight
  • Pregnant women
  • Athletes
  • And all others; can discover the pleasures of exercising in pool.

Why not begin to embrace the concept of “live life well”. Embody the long celebrated spiritual and remedial properties of water, as well as its relaxing and reviving effects, combining them to promote health and well-being/therapy.

1. Weightlessness Advantage
The buoyancy of water creates the perfect medium to exercise in; counteracting the pressure of gravity; it reduces body weight by up to 90% and releases the stress and pressure on weak muscles and joints by cushioning movement.

2. Physical Enhancement and Assistance
Exercising within water is beneficial in the alleviation and assistance of physical and developmental disabilities as it promotes balance, core stability and overall strength, soothes joint pain and muscular spasms and encourages body conditioning and general wellness.

3. Heart Healthy
This form of aquatic therapy not only improves your overall circulation; but also works on making your heart more efficient – more blood being pumped around your body at a lower pulse rate.

4. Inspire All Generations
Beneficial to those of the aging generation, as it provides a pain-free and low-impact way to stay fit and maintain health – it promotes longevity, stress-relief and rehabilitation. Studies show exercise and play in warm water is pro-active for children with conditions such as autism.

5. Hydrotherapy Massage
Unwind as you receive this effect.

6. Mobility, Rehab and Personal Development
Aquatic physical therapy (physio) has proven beneficial in the aid of numerous musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and cardiopulmonary health conditions such as

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stroke rehab
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple selerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease

7. Physio Benefits
The conditioning effects of underwater exercises appeal to athletes, either in training or returning to sport after injury; as well as for usage in the regular recuperation of non-sporting persons. The environment can stimulate rapid rehab following muscular and joint related injuries as well as post-surgery stiffness.

8. Run, Swim and Stay Trim
The varying resistance levels enable you push your cardiovascular system to a limit of your choosing. Consistent use will result in a leaner body mass, as well as a higher number of calories being burnt while exercising underwater.

9. Devices of Olympian Standards
Benefits of training and rehab within an aquatic environment. The natural healing properties and buoyancy of water ensured it to be a beneficial method of recovery subsequent to on-land fitness, as well as a functional and viable cross-training alternative – allowing longer hours of training.