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Who We Are

Vosan Wellness Resort is an offshoot of Vosan Limited – a firm in medical/scientific business since 1983. The Resort is part of a family of worldwide wellness business – first of its kind in West Africa. Enugu is hosting this first in Nigeria. Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Umuahia, etc. will follow upon formally commissioning Enugu which is currently test run at 58% completion.


The Resort is committed to building rewarding healthy standards in individuals, communities and nation. Healthy citizenry constitute a stronger workforce that is more productive on the job with less missed work hours.

The implication is lower health maintenance costs, happier people with more assured health status and the nation develops faster and stronger.

New Trends in Health & Fitness

Physical fitness, overall body maintenance and other activities to engage one’s body and mind are the first requisites of happiness and wellness. In order to achieve happy living, it is imperative to gain mastery of the body and all that affect it. If at the age of 30, one is stiff and out of shape, surely, that fellow is old. If at 60, another is supple and strong, then the person is young.

The principles used involve working on many fronts; physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, social etc. in order to continuously improve and achieve optimum health and well-being.

At the VWR, the following services, products, programs, scientific devices by the left hand side of this webpage are available to people willing to live their life fuller and happier.