Pre & Post Exercise Nutrition

Fresh Rejuvenating Juices & Fruit Smoothies / Smoochies

Give the body the needed nutrients in liquid format (processed for faster results).

This is balanced and satisfying snack that boosts fat-burn / controls appetite.

The banana and orange in some variants (in addition) provide vital anti-oxidants to keep your immune system from suffering due to hard training / long workout or daily stress.

Banana is full of vitamin B6 which reduces suger and carbs cravings.

Ideal pre – or post – exercise nutrition, especially the fortified variants.

Smoochies are even much more liquid meals than just liquid meals. They are usally fortified with nutrients from rich sources (nuts, flaxseeds, etc.) for various functions.

100% Natural
Freshly Squeezed
Low Fat
Liquid Meals
No Preservatives
Very Fruity


Brain Booster: Juices combined in a way to give you immunity against heart disease. Ideal when tired and stressed.
Detox Special: Detoxifies, cleanses and refreshes; good to skin.
Energiser: Energizes and gives the extra kick; rich in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene.
Dieting Drink: Slimming secret juice for dieters; Quick and effective help when dieting; Fights virus; Immune system defense.


Berry: Extra smart, smooth and juicy with Vitamin C.
Nectar: Passionately juicy; rich in Vitamin C and Iodine for thyroid.
Jamaican: Spicy, replenishing and IodiIle for thyroid.
Fruzi: Lasting energy; refreshingly good; refilling and immune system defense.


Bestseller: Very fruity & replenishes with low fat; full of potassium.
Tiffany: Creamy, filling and performer’s drink; rich in potassium and muscle support.
Nollywood: Extra cream, filling and passion drink for fitness and Iodine.
Blacy: Good to muscle, endurance and bodybuilding.

VVSS Variants

VVSS 1 Normal Variant
The normal variant could give you over 200kcals of both fast and slow – release energy to get you going as well as top up energy levels when you start to tire or slow down.

VVSS 2 Hal Choco Variant
Fortified with Halal and wellness chocolate. In additon to anti-oxidants from chocolate, there are the flavor and sweetness / low sugar.

VVSS 3 Sugerless Choco Variant
In addition to the above benefits, it is sweet and sugerless.

VVSS 4 Mixed Nuts Variant Nuts have lots of healty fats and protein. Can help you feel full and reduce food intake. The good fats in mixed nuts delay muscle fatigue and help fight the bad fats.

VVSS 5 Flaxseeds Variant
Flaxseeds are a great source of alpha-linolenic acid which helps the body process carbs rather than store than as fat.