Cosmetics and Cosmeceutics – a glance into the history of cosmetics

About 7000 years ago, Egyptians already used cosmetics. The Greek word ‘kosmesis’ provides origin of the word cosmetics, and has the same root as kosmos (cosmos) – the supreme universal order.

Cosmetics means embellishment; from teenage years (especially girls, it depends on background) start to use or play with cosmetics; there are, therefore rules or golden guidelines in the use of cosmetics.

Cosmeceutical lines are founded on a phobia of needles and blades and on the belief that there was always something more out there that would give some people choices/options or alternatives. The lines are mainly on clinically researched and well-tried anti-aging and lifestyle treatments or high level wellness practitioners.

Cosmeceuticals form a merger between cosmetics and medical science (with biotechnology active ingredients); they give instant results, semi-permanent effects and the benefits are usually long term.

For instance, a good face-lift that would have involved needles or surgical blades could still be achieved via a jar of cosmeceutic that is able to tighten, lift, firm, reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate, hydrate and refine appearance of the skin all at the same time just from a jar of cream.


These are cosmetics that are more than just cosmetics. There is the right balance between ingredients and effectiveness. Born out of many years of continuous research on face, neck and body skin rejuvenation and bio-rejuvenation. It is not only to keep the skin in good health with an enviable appearance today, but mostly preventing the opposing forces of ageing (i.e. FBMs).

This task calls for modern cosmetic products, equipment, effective and safe ingredients as well as highly qualified and trained staff, researchers, technicians and practitioners.

The cosmeceutic line is the practical response to the need of women and men of the third millennium (away from fads) as expression of a culture of wealth, health and beauty. A few specific examples;

Specific Face Cosmeceutics

1. Cleanser and Make Up Remover
Features: Isotonic solution
Action: Thanks to its dermatological formula, it’s both a cleanser and a toner, and gently respects skin balance and perspiration.

2. Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Features: Water, Hyaluronic acid, Arginine-lysine polypeptide
Action: Hyaluronic acid leaves skin feeling and looking healthier and more radiant, due to capacity to draw out a large amount of the dermis.

3. Energizing Serum
Features: Ascorbic acid and Taurine
Action: They stimulate collagen production while providing the cells with free energy.

4. Fast Hydrating Cream
Features: Malic, Citric, Glycolic, Lactic acids, Vitamin A, Anti-UV
Action: Fast-hydrating face cream with UV protection, able to keep the cell renewal at under 20 year-old skin levels. Optimal cell renewal, protection from the dangerous effects of sun rays and smog.

5. Retinoic Cream
Features: Slow release retinoic acid, Cyclodextrines, Eudermic oils.
Action: Retinoic acids combines with Cyclodextrines and selected Eudermic oils guarantee the adjustment of cellular renewal to the parameters of younger skins.

Specific Body Cosmeceutics

1. Eudermic Cleanser
Features: Eudermic oils, Vitamin E and Lactic acid
Action: It effectively cleans the skin, while respecting the natural hydro-lipid film. The perfect balance between cleansing and hydration.

2. Scrub Cleanser
Features: 4 acids, Natural microspheres, Cyclodextrines and Retinol
Action: It thoroughly cleans the skin and modulates cell renewal. The combinations of 4 acids together with natural microspheres guarantee the removal of dead skin cells.

3. Double Action Treatment for Exfoliation and Elasticity
Features: Surgi Smooth and Surgi Lastic
Action: Suitable for thickened skins, that lost elasticity. It works on irregular pigmentations. It particularly prevents the worsening of stretch marks.

4. Cream for Elasticity
Features: Elastin, Mannuronate and the vitamins A, C, and E.
Action: Firming functions and stimulation of collagen production while the development of stretch marks and the loose appearance of the skin are avoided.

5. Vitamin Oil
Features: 3 key-vitamins (A, C and E), Dermatological mix
Action: It restores hydration and skin integrity. Suitable for every skin type, be it dehydrated, dry, scaly or ruined by external agents (such as sun rays).