Effectiveness of VWR+R Programs

The effectiveness of the VWR+R programs rely on a wide menu of choices/measures/combinations as well as follow through options to kick-start, keep or get back the body in shape. The programs and procedures are designed to develop in clients the wise desire to incorporate wellness principles and concepts into their personal lives and practices.

Guided by wellness educators, trainers (on the Trio of Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle), experienced practitioners, and trainees as well as instructors in a professional setting; clients – through self development, evaluation, appraisal and awakening processes – attain higher levels of awareness and fitness that is rooted on PA (Paradigm of Accountability). Choices/decisions become very important as life itself resounds simultaneously on three levels and awareness needs to be developed on all.

The procedure specifically addresses the flaw (treatment context) in most wellness/well-being/healthy-living programs, products and services today that only seek to solve multitude of problems without first rooting it on PA.

It is also effective in personal growth, active pride and enhanced physical attributes from participation in positively life-changing, scientific, educational, natural, cultural and simple group/organisation.

This is an excellent engagement, at this time, for a happy challenged mind to contribute to what perfection consists of in the Physical-Moral-Intellectual-Spiritual angles.

How the Vosan Wellness deal/programme delivers

The Vosan Wellness program is a new practical, scientific and very effective means that integrates different disciplines – the sciences, environmental studies, genetics, physiology/anatomy, nutrition science, biochemistry, endocrinology, neurology, psycho-physics, herbalism, history, religion, HPE (Health and Physical Education), PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology), cosmetics/cosmeceutics, dental cosmetics, psychology, etc – all the above; with the sole intention to (through education, tips and practice):

Prevent the development of diseases and negative health tendencies through THT (Tomorrow’s Health Today) activities

Slow down the process of aging through FBMs (Fight Back Measures) against gradual physical and mental decline

Reduce/avoid or control stress and live in tune with HEP (Health Elevating Practices) and OWE (Optimum Wellness Environment)

Maintain the brain efficacy, strengthen the immune or defense system and control inflammation when our bodies are insulted through foods/drinks or over-indulgence

Weight reduction/control and increased physical activity – eye ever on midriff/waist

Preserve skin and connective tissue elasticity as well as those conditions associated with PPP (Power, Passion and Performance) and the Search for Endless Youth

Promote cellular regeneration for a body boost and grooming (internally and externally)

Make decisions and choices that will positively affect our body balance and energies we process through BMS (Body, Mind and Spirit) i.e our WES (Wellness Energy System)

Understanding the difference between LYL (Living Younger Longer) and LOL or LOY(Living Older Longer) – LYL vs. LOL/LOY

Emerge with the emerging concept of Paradigm of Accountability (PA) and its reality of power-from-within (power of knowing/belief) in taking responsibility for our lives through correct choices/decisions – living consciously

View health more as a matter of enhancing our self-healing potentials of BMS (Body-Mind-Spirit) through the practical applications of principles/concepts of wellness

Understand that as Hans Christian Anderson said “Just living is not enough. One must have Sunshine, Freedom and a little Flower”. There is unlimited but hidden treasures on our planet Earth – on every leaf, in oceans, everywhere in/on/around us – each holds a secret spiritual, powerful and useful essence that can help solve a multitude of life’s problems/needs/goals

Understand why we are The Way We Are today, do necessary assessments, evaluations, reconciliations and proceed with life journeys using the instruments of the TRIO (Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle) to advance in Optimum Health, totality in wellbeing or High Level Wellness (HLW)


From age 22 gradual physical and mental decline is inevitable.
There is no way to stop the clock.
Aging and decline are inseparable.
Things like diminished vitality, strength, sexual vigour, mental fogginess, premature wrinkling are natural side effects of aging.
You have no choice on your looks, strength and sexuality and can always let a little bit of each slip away with each birthday.
Do not need to bother self about the forces that make you look and feel the way you do and continue to enjoy all stuff – drinks, foods, habits, non-exercise, improper exercise, living older younger etc.


Getting older doesn’t have to be so tough.
There are guys in their 70’s and 80’s who have tremendous energy and enthusiasm, men who are in shape not just ‘for their age’ but for any age.
These things from diminished vitality to premature wrinkles none is a natural side effect of aging and each of them can be controlled.
You have a choice: you can take an active role and hold on to your looks, your strength and your sexuality and cannot let a little bit of each slip away with each birthday.
The earlier we start thumb wrestling with the hands of time, the better.
The problems that lead to aging, ill health and unfitness are cumulative, and the sooner we start correcting them, the better off you’ll be in the long run, Living younger longer.