Natural Dead Sea Cosmetics

Since ancient times, the Dead Sea is an endless source of health-promoting and balancing elements and a world famous treasure – trove of health and beauty (wellness products). The sea is rich in life-enhancing minerals, the Dead Sea salts and mud – thoughout the ages these have been acclaimed for their remarkably beneficial effect on the skin, hair, stressed nerves and body.

The Dead Sea, on the Syrian – African fault – a valley with a closed lake 400 meters (1300 feet) below sea level is the lowest spot on earth. The composition of the Dead Sea lake minerals and salts is unique.

Contains higher levels of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromides, sulphates, strontium, zinc, boron, lithium, etc than all other bodies of salt water in the world, including the oceans. These minerals all have extremely positive effect on the body. They improve cell metabolism, helping the body absorb nourishment and eliminating toxins.

1. Bath Salts: Your body will directly absorb the natural minerals as soon as the salt dissolves in the bathtub. It nourishes the skin, builds immunity against common skin diseases, relieves exhaustion and makes your body silky and glowing. The 6 colours reflect 6 different fragrances:

Facial Care
The face line consists of award winning products for the face, neck and eye areas.

Facial Masks
Face Moisturizers
Face Creams
Beauty Serum
Anti-Wrinkle Cream
The facial line includes day and night products that support all skin types of man and woman.

Natural Body Care Line

Products that rejuvenate and nourish your skin/body include; 2. Facial cleansing toner: Rich with Dead Sea minerals, refreshes and firms the skin leaving it smooth and supple. Mineral cleansing toner tightens and refines the pores, removes unwanted shine and stimulates skin without dryness or flaking.

Beauty serum: A special mixture of Dead Sea minerals, vegetable extracts and proteins which helps the skin in self-reparation process, granting the skin continuing renewal and additional moisture for wrinkles resistance appearance and delay old age signs, making the skin more soft and shiny.

Anti-wrinkle cream: Anti wrinkle cream enriched with Dead Sea minerals and collagen, nourishes your skin deeply and reduces signs of aging, it is also rich with poly-plant (anti wrinkle complex) and vitamins which help the skin regenerate itself and prevent formation of wrinkles.

Eye contour gel: Has the richest natural elements of Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamins, Proteins and Aloe Vera extract. It is created to tighten and moisture the skin in the eye zone, reduce puffiness and dark circles, it also helps in elimination of appearance of fine line and wrinkles.

Day cream: Amazing formula that respond to your needs; nourishes your skin with the essential Dead Sea Minerals mixed with purified oils. That all work together to increase your skin’s elasticity, enhance moisture level, rejuvenate and control wrinkles.

Face moisturizer: An advanced non-oily formula that understands the needs of your skin, nourishing it with the essential Dead Sea minerals blended with herbal extract; which all work together to increase your skin’s elasticity, enhance moisture level, rejuvenate and control wrinkles. It can be used as a foundation.

Whitening cream: This cream is rich with Dead Sea minerals and natural herbs to help whiten dark spots on the skin without using chemical bleaching methods which may cause skin irritation, leaving your skin bright, fresh and young.

Night cream: An advanced non-oily formula that understands the importance of nourishment for your skin, it is a rich mixture of Dead Sea Minerals and Purified Oils. That all works together to increase your skin’s elasticity, enhance moisture level, rejuvenate it and control wrinkles formation.

Facial scrub: An effective cleaner enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Peach kernel granules and algae. It cleans, removes old cells, fat, acne and acne marks, nourishes and cleans pores. It makes the skin clean and vital. Apply and massage for 3 minutes in circular motion until completely absorbed leaving the granules, then wash with lukewarm water.

Facial mud mask: A unique combination of natural Dead Sea black mud enriched with anti-oxidant elements, almond oil with herbal extracts and fragrance, especially formulated to give you a younger and silkier skin by drawing out oils and impurities from your deepest pores. Its high mineral content refreshes, revitalizes your skin and controls formation and wrinkles development.

Shower gel: Contains a natural and unique formula rich with Dead Sea minerals, essential oils and herbal extracts, keeps your body highly clean and reinvigorated, soft and moisturized.

Body butter: Body butter is a unique combination of Shea and Coconut butter, Herbal oils and Dead Sea Minerals. It helps to moisturize and radiate the skin. Flavoured with Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango and Strawberry. Used on all body parts. Safe to use during pregnancy; apply a thick layer to reduce the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks; keep using it during your pregnancy to make your skin more flexible.

Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera (Barbadensis) gel with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants (Beta Carotene, Niacin, Pro-vitamin S), Chamomile extract and Allantoin. Highly effective after sun exposure, giving your skin a cooling and smoothing effect. Excellent for dry skin, irritated skin, insect bites and minor abrasions. Absorbed quickly, moisturizes and leaves your skin smooth, soft and refreshed.

Body mud: The richest natural mineral mud nourishes and builds skin cells by providing the skin with essential minerals which enhance body immunity against skin diseases, while it reduces wrinkles, burning fat close to skin surface, stimulating blood circulation, releasing you of exhaustion and back pain and making your body silky and glowing.

Dead Sea water: Characterized by its high concentration of natural Dead Sea minerals; suitable for oily and normal skin; it cleanses the skin and peels dead cells; it also fights against bacteria and fungi. Dead Sea water is a very important agent that can help cure many skin diseases that have relationship with lack of minerals in the body. Apply it with a piece of cotton on the concerned region. It is used well by adding 150ml to 40l of bath warm water and just relax for 15-20 minutes.

Foot cream: An excellent non-oily protective foot cream, which provides a healthy treatment for your feet; enhancing the skin’s moisture level while softening and increasing skin elasticity. Foot cream is quickly absorbed to protect the skin against dryness and to prevent bacteria and fungus growth that cause odour. It refines and nourishes through its exceptional combination of Dead Sea minerals.

Body lotion: A natural non-oily advanced formula for dry to normal skin; created to enhance your skin’s moisture level. It nourishes the skin with its unique combination of Dead Sea minerals and increases skin elasticity leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.

Soft mud: A natural non-oily advanced formula of natural herbal extracts with Dead Sea mud (silt) for skin rejuvenation. It deeply nourishes your skin with minerals and conditioners extracted from Dead Sea mud, bringing the youth to your skin.

Massage salt with oil: Natural Dead Sea salt with massage oil and algae extract, peels dead cells, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin, it repairs and revitalizes your skin for a lasting silky look.

Olive oil soap: Olive oil soap is a combination of Dead Sea natural elements and amazing natural elements such as Olive oil and Glycerin. It gives you a new feeling of cleansing and purity, and it restores your skin’s PH balance.

Sulphur soap: The optimist soap for your skin, it is highly enriched with minerals and sulphur from the Dead Sea in addition of the natural Olive oil extract. This legendary complex helps for a perfect cure from various skin ailments like psoriasis and especially acne. Balances the moisture level in your skin, thoroughly cleanses your face and body leaves your skin soft and silky.

Mud soap It is formulated using mineral rich Dead Sea black mud. Gently cleanses away oil, bacteria and dirt particles, leaves the skin purified and fully cleansed. It moistures the skin and activates performance of skin cells. Your skin will remain clean, hydrated and moisturized. It can be used daily.

Mineral soap: It is specially formulated using Dead Sea essential minerals, for a healthy glowing skin. It is a deep cleansing soap that purifies, tightens and smoothes the skin. Skin is replenished as all impurities are washed away. It gives protection against acne and other blemishes and restores skin’s natural PH balance.

Exfoliating soap: Contains the Dead Sea essential minerals, apricot seed granules and olive oil; cleanses deeply, provides minerals and removes impurities. It operates to exfoliate damaged skin cells and fat sediments. It also unclogs pores and leaves your skin healthy, moisturized and refreshed.