Why Is It Good For You?
You need it as a spiritual art. Greeks, Persians and Chinese have used it for ages. It is a powerful therapy for recovery from tension (stress) and fatigue. It is a very effective tool in wellness for preventive medicine (good healthcare practice not sickcare). A valuable instrument in keeping healthy people healthy under THT (Tomorrow’s Health Today).

The Science or Secret
The blood and lymph systems nourish, cleanse and maintain the body. Lactic acid and other by-products of cellular metabolism are carried away by the lymph system, raising immunity and protecting you from diseases.

When activity becomes strenuous (and from other factors), this cleansing process loses its efficiency. Energy requirements exceed supply, and you feel “slowed” and less intense. At times, your mind slower, with even little activity, more irritated, and tensed. In these instances lactic acid accumulates; your muscles become cramped and sluggish. Blood and lymph flow decrease and fatigue sets in.

What About Resting The Body?
Rest is the body’s natural means of recuperation, but it takes time. Massage speeds up this process dramatically reducing recovery time to half. Massage rejuvenates you faster and keeps you healthy.

Massage & Spa

Reflex Zones Stimulator (Electric Disco Trimmer)
Exercise on EDT will strengthen the heart and lungs, stimulate blood circulation, weight loss and enhance beautiful body figure / shape through massage & magnetic therapy.

EDT Moves

  1. Swing your body x 2 (L & R)
  2. Swing your body x2 (L & R) plus squat
    (The above moves speed up circulation in the legs and are especially good for office workers and air travellers who exercise little)
  3. Spread your arms like a cross, then swing to L (5 – 8 times) and then to R (5 – 8 times).
    (This is a very good way of getting rid of excess weight)
  4. Spread your arms diagonally – one arm points to the air and the other points to the ground – then swing to the L (5times) and R (5times).
    (This helps take weight off your waist)
  5. Bend forward and swing 5times L and then 5times R.
    (This is wonderful breathing exercise)
  6. Free Form; Try out any other moves and master it – always remember to balance your moves

At the end of the EDT sessions:

  1. The device senses your exercise intensity and times and calculate calorie burn and fat loss
  2. The feet will be massaged better and has good effects on wellbeing


Foot Massage

Do You Know?

  1. The total distance walking on your foot?
  2. 75% of Adults have foot illness?
  3. People actually grow old from feet.
  4. Long term fatigue (not properly regained) will lead to various diseased conditions.


Foot Reflexology

This is an ideal way of adjusting health status and eases the pressure of daily living. The human body and all internal organs have direct connection with the foot around the ankle – more than 60 points. Foot care at these points (Foot Therapy / Health Care) can promote blood circulation and warm the internal organs. Foot care before sleep helps relieve fatigue, soothe the nerves and gives sound sleep / rest. It has no side effects and good for all especially the elderly and those that are fatigued. This is a magic weapon for preventive health care (wellness).

The Theory
The principle of the Foot Massager is based on Reflexology which equally is based on Traditional Medicine, Meridian Science, Magnetism, as well as the Reflexology Health Law. Is the result of integration of modern electronic technology and medical research achievements?

Immunity boost, various diseased conditions, Relieving Fatigue, Leisure, Rehab, Headaches, Migraine, Stomach Pain, HBP, Constipation, Weight Loss, Detox, Sleeplessness, Insomnia, Cold, Pressure, Menopausal Syndrome, Irregular Menstruation, Infertility, Health boost, Ideal for Beauty & Wellness, etc.

Dos & Don’ts

  1. Do not apply massage within 30mins before meals because this will inhibit gastric juice secretion needed for food digestion.
  2. Do not apply within 1 hour after meals because this will cause gastro intestinal blood volume decrease. This will affect digestion.
  3. Do massage 30mins every time.
  4. Drink a cup of warm water within 30mins after massage.
  5. Avoid tea, wine or other beverages 30mins after massage.
  6. Special Function in Y, W, & B (Youth, Wellness & Beauty). Stimulation of the soles at the feet will stimulate the adrenal glands to produce more hormones. The hormones will activate cell vitality generally and the skin cells particularly. This speeds up metabolism, reduces skin pigmentation, lightens up the skin, softens skin and makes it more elastic. Women who love beauty need massage most. High – heeled shoes squeeze and torture the feet. Massage restores /feet care. Also, it detoxifies /removes constipation –all needed for beauty enhancement.


Some After Effects
After about 5 – 10 times use: some special reactions or effects that should not disrupt continued use of massage:

  1. Increased sleep
  2. Increased sweating – toxins and metabolic products discharge via sweat.
  3. Increased blood circulation means higher metabolism.
  4. Increased stool frequency. Massage enhances intestinal peristalsis – i.e. elimination of disease causing wastes /toxins.
  5. Patients with back / shoulder pain will feel pain, but disappears after some days. This is a reaction of increased blood flow and normally clears out.
  6. Some patients with lymphatic disorders may experience swelling, but it disappears.


Tips & Suggestions for all Forms of Massage & Vibration

  1. Stop when you have fresh injuries, inflammations and swellings of all kinds; cancer or phlebitis
  2. If you wish to use massage as a form of treatment for illness infirmities or complaints (other than wellness) consult your doctor.
  3. Better if not used 30mins after meals
  4. Avoid wet or uneven ground
  5. Not for use of those still recovering from bone injury, operation, inflammation, heart disease and pregnant women
  6. Use under supervision is highly recommended



Foot Massage
No other massage type achieves such a long – lasting massage effects as foot massage. It relaxes warms and improves circulation, just sit down on a chair and place your feet – with or without shoes – on the massage plate.

Foot Reflexology
Begin the point massage with the massage button at the tips of your toes. The massage button acts as a thumb during point massage and allows you to personally carry out an effective reflex zone massage.