G41 (Gym in Gyms)

More than just a gym.

  • 4 gyms (phases 1-4) in one gym to provide options for different interests to make exercising more exciting for all, from the weakest to the strongest (location not withstanding).
  • Packaged gym programs enable more efficient solutions to most ‘The Way We Are’ challenges.
  • Gym program gains/benefits that are specific, personalized or general as desired.
  • Safety consciousness and tomorrow’s health today priority.
  • Positively life-changing and non-life threatening.
  • Good health and physical attributes. Be the way you want to be secret.
  • Updated tips on wellness (exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, etc).
  • Links with wellness and fitness events/activities around the world (eg. Mr. and Ms. Wellness/Fitness, etc).
  • Ever presence of a personal trainer to direct and motivate; improve technical skills, ensure every workout counts appropriately as well as personalized exercise and nutrition plans that are unique and tailored to individual needs.
  • On time exposure to ever growing list of natural and wellbeing products/devices such as;
    1. Single/Multi Vitamins
    2. Minerals
    3. Beauty and Fitness Supplements
    4. Herbal Products
    5. Wellbeing/Dietary Food and Drinks
    6. General Wellness Nutrition
    7. Devices for Fitness, Wellness and Beauty
    8. Child, Pregnancy, and Elderly Care Goods
    9. Latest/High-tech Equipment on Fitness, Wellness and Beauty
  • A weekly feed your brain day of lifestyle & “How it Works”: a program targeting the theory, story, science, secrets, connections etc of it all about Wellness (exercise, nutrition and lifestyle as well as other factors that determine success).