Gymstick Total Body Workout

Gymstick is a revolutionary total body fitness that strengthens, tones, and defines every muscle in your body and core. Designed for all ages and fitness levels (from the weakest to the strongest) Gymstick delivers results real fast.

With Gymstick as the complete body training tool, you can train the areas that your body has need for and at the same time you do not miss out on your fitness program as this is also a complete and functioning mobile gym on the move.

You will become toned and in better shape. You will train your arms, legs, stomach and back – improves on strength, endurance, balance and co-ordination: you will get to sweat! For many people their fitness also improves with training.

With Gymstick you have it all – it is your own little fitness centre that can always move with you:

Functional strength and toning for the arms and legs

A flatter stomach and stronger back

Balance and co-ordination

A good sweat and improved circulation

Gymstick tones, strengthens and streamlines
Gymstick is a great fitness tool because it allows you to try an endless number of movements; there are many quick changes between them; and it is easy to increase or decrease the resistance. Over 150 different movements of the body are possible and possibilities are still expanding.

Gymstick is a challenging but easy to use tool for fitness, rehabilitative exercising and office exercising, competitive sports training and maintaining your physical condition on vacation and business trips.

Gymstick is affordable, mobile, easy to store and the instructional DVD is simple.