Involuntary Complexity (Ic)

Involuntary Complexity (IC)

Think smart. Think about how many hours a week you spend on account of food, shelter, play, ritual (taking care of body @ 3 levels – TC of Bod), and just being.

With modern technology, society, and civilization, we have advanced and now in a state of IC. People expend vast quantities of time and energy working to buy the products of a society based on the promiscuous consumption / noisy confusion.

Most of these material goods do not actually contribute to our wellbeing / wellness and FFF (Functionally Fit & Flexible) body in disease absence (DA).

Smarter technology should respect the proverbial canon to kill fly. The more we possess, the more we are possessed by our possessions. The level of comfort that supports our living peacefully and creatively (to experience real happiness) differs markedly from one person to another.

VS vs IC: Simplicity or complexity – VS or IC: The difference is recognizing which choices / decisions (contribute or remove from) to our experience of peace, wellbeing or wellness with all life on Earth and which takes it away.