Nordic Fitness (NF)

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Nordic Fitness is an advanced form of exercise walking as a fitness program. Walking, dancing, jogging, running or even jumping or hopping exercise is possible using Nordic Walking Poles (NWP).

The poles are exercise / fitness devices developed in Finland by Gymstick (also the company name). The poles are made of fibre glass material.

This property makes it possible for vibrations to be transmitted via the hands through the spine to the entire body whenever the poles strike (or land on) the ground.

Though unknown to the user, the vibrations happen and go on all over the body as one makes hundreds of movements with the poles strapped to both hands.

Sweat usually is very fast (unlike in other forms of exercise) and breaks through the usual inertia associated with starting exercise especially in the morning hours.

Nordic Fitness therefore provides the fastest way to achieve a good body warm-up in preparation for more fitness challenges of Nordic Fitness and Gymstick Total Body Workout.