Nordic Fitness (NF)

This is an advanced form of exercise walking as a fitness program which includes walking, dancing, jogging, running or even jumping or hopping exercise is possible using nordic walking poles.

Gymstick Body Workout

This is a revolutionary total body fitness that strengthens, tones and defines every muscle in your body and core designed for all ages and fitness levels. Gymstick delivers results real fast.

Conventional Gym

Our gym features fitness machines and devices ranging from dumbbells, kettle bells, treadmills, cross-trainers, bikes, spin bikes, benches, multi-gym, barbells, fitness bags to exercise balls, etc.

Aqua Gym

A sport for everybody, whatever age. Aquafitness devices are the new aquatic must-haves for wellness - healthy activities in the swimming pool such as Aquafitness Aquajog, Aquabike and Ellyptical Elly.

Body Expert Machines

Weight-loss, Beauty and Active Slimming High-Tech Devices for Electrostimulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Infrared Sauna & Skin Vitality, Detoxification, Body Massage & Relaxation and Slimming & Body Firming.

G41 (Gym in Gyms)

More than just a gym. 4 gyms (phases 1-4) in one gym to provide options for different interests to make exercising more exciting from the weakest to the strongest (location not withstanding).