Wellness and Beauty Products in Man's/Woman's World

'Eat well, think well and act well and be beautiful/handsome or more if you are already and maintain what you have', with love from me to you. Forms (natural and creative), fragrances, flavours, aromas and colours are powerful beauty ingredients. All great chefs are already aware of the sharp and very active connection between beauty and great dishes. A great dish sure depends on the quality of its ingredients.

It is well to have passion while choosing the ingredients, cooking, or preparing the recipe - great to enjoy all of it.

When you are happy, you feel more beautiful and handsome and when you feel this way, you are happier and your aura (personal magnetism) is more positive and radiantly more effective & attracting much more positive things in your life (and less negative) because there is a connection between the emotions and thoughts that positively work for you affecting your mind, spirit, body and space.

Real beauty is often defined as "natural" - and really is - reflecting who you really are and what you eat, especially your environment.

You really love yourself? Your emotions should drive you when you choose ingredients or food materials for your great dish. Create time and buy them from where the quality is higher especially when the vegetables are fresher and all items as natural as possible. Form this habit of choosing your food materials / ingredients just with the same attention and enthusiasm you pay when choosing your body cream, grooming items or clothes. The food or dish actually also deserve good arrangement to enhance its looks - kind of artistic touch - that will appeal to the senses of sight, smell & touch.

Certainly, this is what you really need to nourish you and your beauty, so they do deserve more attention. If you think of loving yourself first (so you will be loved back); think of good health; how fit you are and get fitter and fitter, then, action starts with eating well-real good food and no dull moments about this task. Food is real pleasure of life!

The Man's Man

More than ever (unlike decades past) men pay attention to appearances and wellbeing. There are hundreds of grooming tips, cosmetics, fragrances, and many other beauty products for those real men who, despite many engagements, do not give up the care of their body.

An international celebrity once said her definition of handsome is a man who is man enough - or masculine enough (with much more male hormones than usual) to carry off long hair. When it comes to the world of beauty, some men are just more driven than everybody else. Wearing signature high-quality looks; refined, impeccable sculptured body (with strong focus on) superb tailored and well-combined fit and sophisticated details (maybe) as well (will) drive some men nuts.

However, in most modern men, the above goals are what actually separate champs from those who fall short. Excellence in the man's beauty world the goals is just a mindset for the man of 3rd millennium who probably knows more how to act out balanced - lifestyle. This is the last man who can sweep a Miss World off her feet: he does not only command a bigger vocabulary, wallet, smells more like a man, and lead the best life without missteps but also amps up the 3 "C" words when acting - calm, cool and collected.