Wealth vs Wellth

The British Airways Business Life of Dec. 2015 / Jan. 2016 on TRENDS says: "Not long ago, the main signifier of success was wealth, but this is shifting. Increasingly, the biggest sign you can show to the world that you have made it is a healthy attitude, 'wellth' if you like. To be wellthy means to be proactive when it comes to fitness, and conscious when it comes to diet. The wellth movement doesn't separate mind & body either - a holistic approach ensures a healthy mindset.

Only the wisest of mankind achieve success / wealth & enjoy it (happiness). Success is not the key to happiness (Get What U Need & Enjoy What U Get (GWUN + EWUG)). Happiness is actually the key to success. Happiness first by loving what you do, then success follows.

VWRR is devoted to ways that man can navigate the noisy confusion associated with Exercise / Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle (3 main factors of TWWA - strong factors indeed). The wellth movement involves holistic approach that targets totality in wellbeing:

  • Family
  • Physical (Body)
  • Environment
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Workplace
In years to come, more & more persons will be increasingly convinced that the wisest decision is to embrace wellth (or wellness). Wealth (money, mansions, luxuries, - whatever you conceive them to be) will then & naturally follow. A good chunk of wealth should be set to nourish the dream of wellth for a sound mind in a stronger body that is needed to really appreciate and enjoy wealth.

The best life / happy living actually gives meaning to wealth. This kind of wealth breeds the kind of body that allows us meet demands of daily living without being overwhelmed because of sound choices - sound mind in a sound body.

A health (even happiness) challenge often provides a good platform to actually evaluate & give real meaning to wealth.
It is only the level a wellness (wellth) practitioner has attained that gives understanding as to why over half an entire earning could be used for healthcare - treatment or prevention context. This applies more for prevention as treatment & maintenance at times leaves you choiceless.

In 2016 & years ahead, we wish you a wellthy mindset for that natural wealth that breeds Real Happiness: GWUN & EWUG!

At VWRR, the wellth journey already started in 2008 and today, the resort has the widest range of products, programs and services available to nourish the dream of wellth (wellness) through PEP, PNP & PLP. In 2016 and years ahead, we wish all a wellthy mindset for that natural wealth that breeds Real Happiness - from GWUN & EWUG (Get What U Need & Enjoy What U Got).

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