Meals on Nutritional Considerations

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All the ingredients selected for the VWRice varieties will increase quality of life and the span of biological clock as follows:

  1. Energy from VWRice meals are delivered in a more sustaining form avoid drastic spikes and falls in blood sugar levels (Glucose surge or sugar spike) especially when eaten in morning hours. This is because the proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the meals have been very carefully worked out.

  2. You certainly need variety in a healthy diet. To make for this, our food materials selection criteria involve the food index: (The Overall Nutritional Quality Index) scores food based on Nutrients, Vitamins, Sugar and Salt as well as impact on blood pressure and other health concerns. E.g. while Brown Rice scores 82, White Rice is 57. We are using healthy carbs such as brown rice depending on VWRice variety.

  3. Tips for cooking protein are such that keep it lean and retain nutrients.

  4. Our sauces and dressings choices eliminate risks making meals less dangerous to health.

  5. Prostate cancer can be inhibited up to 30% with low fat, the good fat, high fibre diet (as in VWRice) plus regular (and the right) exercise. Predisposing factors to this problem include Race, Age and Diets high in fats and low vegetables.

  6. High levels of stress could lead to
    • Heart disease
    • Weight gain
    • High blood pressure
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Compromised immune system

    All the above are linked to poor diets.

  7. We take advantage of "Magic of Mixed Vegetables" Properly mixed vegetables and fruits can keep you smart into old age. A daily serving of these score high on cognitive tests and has very high blood levels of Vitamin E (which prevents nerve tissue degradation).

  8. The healthy lipids are unsaturated fatty acids (normally used to fight the bad lipids) which are vital to membrane fluidity and do affect blood cholesterol levels. In attempt to improve VWRice diet, we have replaced saturated fatty acids with unsaturated. The bad fatty acids have negative impact on cardiovascular health (see high levels of stress).

  9. We have already considered for you the nutritional implications of ingredient labels while grocery shopping. Examples: saturation fat is always below 4gm per serving; sodium is always less than 500mg etc.

  10. The experts insist that good diet remain a major weapon against cancer, because foods can either prevent or promote it. Hormone –driven cancers are closely related to the kind of protein and fat eaten. That’s why VWRice avoids oxidized fats and fried foods.

  11. Child Health: Parents make kids fat, unfit and ruin their teeth (a little later) by buying them so called junk foods and drinks; gradually turning them to junk – food junkies. The junk diets are loaded with extra calories that contribute to the growing obesity as children hardly exercises to burn off fat. These are potential threats to child health as they easily get hooked up. This in turn increases the load of battle they fight when the bill comes due. No wonder more people are getting overweight by day. About 70% of people are already overweight or unfit, getting to 80% in a few years. Unfit status is even not so easily noticed. We certainly have a long way to go about better nutrition (The VWRice and wellness juices are on hand for a change).

  12. The vegetables, juices, smoothies and smoochies that go with the VWRice are made from 100% fresh fruits and young vegetables. These are high in antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and other phyto-nutrients. They come in a finely cut, blended or shredded form for easier digestion and maximum absorption.

  13. For the kids, VWRice (V1 & V2) make use of vegetables and fruits in ways which are attractive and enjoyable to kids.

  14. The VWRice (V4 – V6) meals and juices are recommended for those who tend to have unbalanced meals (due to time, work, trips etc) and who wish to maintain a healthy, high fibre diet with a lot of vegetables for healthy colon and normal regularity.

  15. The VWRice (V2 & V3) in addition to other materials, are high in Nitrogen. This is a key component of amino acids, which forms the structure of protein for muscles. Also, a good percentage of carbohydrates for energy; and stored glycogen for recovery enhancement after physical activities.

  16. For VWRice (V5 & V6) we add a lot of Boron – rich foods. These foods improve motor skills, boost alertness and help the body retain calcium. Adequate calcium and Vitamin D provided in V5 & V6 are part of a helpful diet; along with moderate and regular exercise will reduce risk of osteoporosis later in life. The cruciferous veggies (vegetables) in these varieties have cancer – fighting properties.