Vosan's C.E.O./M.D.

Dr. Vincent Onyema Stacey Ngodo is the Founder and C.E.O./M.D., VOSAN Group of Companies. Vosan has the reputation of being the strongest brand in the West African Sub-Region in Clinical Diagnostic products and Medical equipment.

The mission of Vosan is to be the dominant company in the development, marketing and re-marketing of high quality products for use by healthcare givers and researchers.

Dr. Ngodo founded Vosan, the parent company of the Vosan Group, in 1983. From a humble beginning, the company, under the visionary leadership of this astute business man and entrepreneur, grew by leaps and bounds to the huge conglomerate it is today.

The many years of active and uninterrupted presence in the international market of professional products for clinical diagnosis and business of medicine offered Dr. Ngodo, a keen entrepreneur, an ideal platform to understand and address the current trend for people to become increasingly aware of the need to maintain their own health, fitness, energy levels and the way they look - looks and stress patterns.