Tips To Help You Get Going & Stick With Exercise

   by Dr. Vincent Ngodo

  1. Have your documentation properly completed with the Admin Office to help track your progress. Your PEP and PNP, of course, depend on the information/details you have provided in filling out the forms (about 18 pages refer Medical Wellness ).

  2. The first 5 weeks trial period will serve as foundation and conditioning / reconditioning stage. The body needs to adjust to steady-state fat loss and lean muscle gain (new activities).

  3. 4 � 5 meals a day (via your PNP) will boost your metabolism and reduce body fat

  4. You must keep your blood � sugar levels stable by avoiding insulin spikes that will lead to fat storage. How? Is via your PNP.

  5. (Refer your PEP) work out about 30mins (after the recommended warm-up of 10 � 15mins). Depends on your affordable time � three to four days a week plus a weekly general exercise (Saturdays). This type of quick / intense & comprehensive training (especially when outdoor) spurs your body to release �feel � good� endorphins. It makes you enjoy better moods through the day, and help you lose both subcutaneous & visceral fat; have body re-sculpturing and the undeniable benefits of strength & shape to the muscles. Resistance � training + Cardio is just excellent.

    Above will activate muscle fibres and will raise metabolism & testosterone levels leading to more fat burn that will keep you invigorated. Remember that exercise is a natural testosterone booster in men; it is the drop in testosterone levels (at about age 40) that explains the loss of muscle mass. This will lead to posture changes / weakness that result to structural issues. This muscle loss is a key reason for the characteristic middle � aged weight gain. Keeping muscles strong makes you burn up a lot more calories and will make you feel younger today & years to come. Aerobic exercises (especially Nordic Fitness) is No. 1. It combats heart-disease, build / maintain bone & muscle strength, sharpness of mind; fends off diabetes & certain forms of cancer. Takes the edge off your daily stress by boosting your mood, self-esteem & energy level as it increases flexibility.

  6. Do not miss your weekly general exercise � a day to push the body beyond limits. Sports scientists discovered that higher levels of testosterone and GH (2 principal hormones responsible for building muscle & burning fat) were secreted by the body during short & intense workouts. Intensity therefore is a far more significant exercise factor than duration in achieving body transformation. In Nordic Fitness, we build intensity i.e. increasing fitness level.

  7. Just like your weekly general exercise, indulge in your weekly cheat day. A day in a week do indulge your craving and eat the foods you love dearly but mind the MONC rules.

  8. General adaptation Syndrome (GAS) Variation is as essential as intensity. Keep your body off-balance as much as possible

  9. Too often men spend 75% of their workout time on their chest & biceps when these 2 muscles represent less than 20% of the body�s muscle mass. Women are guilty too. Many of them spend most of their time working their butts & their front & inner thighs.

    • - It is wrong to neglect the rest of their body
    • - They create dangerous muscle imbalance
    • - They compromise their posture and put themselves at risk for injury. Via PEP you�ll exercise & maintain proper muscle balance, flexibility, and avoid susceptibility to injuries
  10. Cross training is highly recommended. This means doing different kinds of exercise during one session or each workout. This delivers fast on calorie burn and you get in shape faster because it allows you exercise harder and for longer duration than our �pet� or favourite exercise activities. Most importantly, cross training allows you avoid repetitive stress injuries. It makes exercising exciting for your brain & body.

  11. Note that running (or jogging) as cardio exercise is discouraged for 3 reasons: one against men and all 3 against women If you must run or jog for the huge calorie burn, then, consider sprinting: Because all your force is propelled forward rather than up and down. The case is even worse for those carrying too much fat on their frame. For these people, we�ll recommend (via PEP) appropriate moves to be added to the walk (best with Nordic Walking Poles (NWP)) � the most natural movement. Gradually increase SPEED, add incline, and other challenging moves (especially on level ground).

  12. For those doing a lot of strength training or muscle building that can tighten up muscles do not forget the flexibility � building exercises. Yoga class or other exercises that improve flexibility (like NF) once a week will do � this loosens muscles. Flexibility training keeps muscles supple and reduces the risk of injury.

  13. Up the Tempo Up the Exercise (TOP FAT BURN TIPS) or you call it TFBT Work out at higher intensities (provided by Nordic Fitness or GTBW cardio). High intensity training gets you fitter & the fitter you are, the higher your BMR � you burn more calories even at rest. You increase your ability to maintain your health & further build your fitness status. The fitter you become:

    • � The much more able you are to build a lifestyle that will protect you from premature disability and possible death
    • � The more readily you adapt to practices & skills that will enable you to prepare body, mind and spirit for any eventual health crises you may face or
    • � Even run out of trouble or danger if need arises

    Note that a specially worked out fitness programme (using the most appropriate fitness equipment or device) is needed to move you from one fitness level to the next. Explosive Nordic Fitness moves fire up the nervous system & recruit high � threshold muscle fibres and through this way build more strength and move you from one fitness status to the next. Research from the University of Massachusetts worked on warm-ups comparing exercise types:

    Standard Warm-UpsExplosive Warm-ups
    TreadmillNordic Fitness
    BikesDepth jumps
    StretchesForward jumps

    They found that performing proper explosive exercise movements (provided) is the best way to achieve a new one-rep max.

  14. We will call it the fountain of youth: If ever there was a fountain of youth this is it: So goes �the clich� says William Simpson, M.D., Professor of family medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston (USA).

    What is it?
    The fellow who regularly engages in aerobic physical exercises along with resistance training (especially when combined with standing exercise as in Nordic Fitness) has really the optimal physical preparation for

    1. Daily life challenges,
    2. Higher quality of life,
    3. Longer life expectancy,
    4. Stronger immune system,
    5. Stronger body that is fit and fitter
    6. Aging;
      And ultimately these are major contributors to the Ultimate i.e. Happiness.

    It is the best when Exercise is performed outdoor & dynamic. For exercise to be aerobic, it must rev up your heart rate and use your major muscle groups. The following exercise types can easily fill the bill.

    1. Jogging � discouraged
    2. Running � discouraged
    3. Biking
    4. Swimming

    Nordic Fitness (Nordic Origin) is unsurpassed because it combines all elements from the above and engages the hands fully to pump up physical activities & pump up the bones, muscles and other body functions. The continuous vibrations transmitted through the hands and the engagement of the 4 limbs to pump up the entire body as well as the hundreds dynamic and outdoor events are excellent.

    According to Alan Mikesky, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at Indiana University School of Physical Education in Indianapolis, aerobic exercises should be a priority. A major benefit of it is its effects on your heart and cardiovascular system. From scientific evidence this exercise decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, the No.1 killer of both men & women. Cardio exercise is able to do this by strengthening the heart and making it more efficient. When you exercise this way, your muscles take more oxygen � outdoor is best (as fuel source). So your heart pumps harder in order to push more blood. When the heart works harder (and harder as you progress) on regular basis it grows stronger and more efficient. That means you now have stronger pump working for you. This type of exercise helps improve quality of circulation. It tends to dilate vessels so that the heart can pump more easily to supply blood to the rest of the body. The result is that resting blood pressure now declines. The heart doesn�t have to work as hard against resistance. This type of exercise also helps increase your metabolic rate � the rate at which your body burns calories and keep trim. Keeping trim helps you feel better and achieve a lot more with increased flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance, strength, coordination etc.

    Standing exercise is it! From a Canadian study:

    1. Sitting weakens your glutes & abs and causes tightness of the hip flexors � contributing to chronic back pain (in the long run). Standing exercise is it (Nordic Fitness & GTBW). Standing also decreases your chances of cardiovascular disease by 42%.
  15. DANGER: Just a second. Dozens of benefits aside, weight training can also crush spines, throats, jaws, rupture biceps, quadriceps and other muscles; tear rotator cuffs; and contribute to chronic joints problems. So listen to your (inner) body and be always centred when weightlifting.

You have the next 4 weeks to try out all of it. Ask questions / for directives, directions and all assistance to help guide you through the evaluations. This will normally terminate with self-appraisal / re-appraisals just as you start yet the next stage or cycle with another set of �Tips to Help you Get Going�.