The Beautiful Science of Wellness and Beauty

In the beauty world of men and women, you need to repair the appearance of visible signs of ageing occasioned by DNA damage (makes your skin age too fast - you look probably older than your mates) caused by environmental assault such as: UV light from sun, smoke, pollution from air, water and all around us and stresses of living. Everyone needs and deserves younger and healthier-looking skin, and is possible through both MONC and thoughtful use of Cosmetics and related products and measures, particularly natural products.

Very good examples of such natural ingredients are derived from the plants Anogeissus tree (from Ghana) and Aquilaria tree (from Middle East). Inspired by many years of groundbreaking research on DNA, spices, scents/oil ingredients, aromas and other materials for wellness and beauty, perfumers and beauty big business operators with hundreds of patents worldwide now invent or re-invent skin repair/aesthetic cosmetics/cosmeceutic body makeover with modern technology; especially now the cliché (is actually true) "the world is smaller than it was in the eighties", makes it even more necessary.

When it comes to wellness and beauty products; who doesn't want to look good, young, attractive, pretty, handsome, shapely; feel good, strong, lighter, more flexible, sexier; and happier with more zest for life? We want it all. There are products for every bit of it all - if it doesn't erase lines and wrinkles; it plumps and tones our skin; if it doesn't give a soft-focus hue and radiant skin; it gives anti-aging and skin hydrated effects; if it doesn't give you a feeling of having had 24 hours sleep effects; it gives you this unique ability to accomplish so much with the dexterity of a precision 2020 technology machine without any minor mistake, etc.

The beauty of the science is powered by scientific know-how with endless quest for finest ingredients sourced from nature - the more natural, the better. The secrets of the products - these are the ingredients and their origins. For instance; The Arabic perfumes (scents) are causing a stir in the beauty big business of fragrances. Many Western and American (North) fragrance/scent creations are now inspired by and possess an explicitly Middle East aromas in their portfolio.

The heady, exotic, potent smells have come down to ingredients (of Arabian and natural origins). Exactly the way that French perfumery revisits an idiosyncratic repertoire, Arabian scents also focus on specific ingredients (the OUD). Nature has clear handwriting on its remarkable formulation and smells. A plant (aquilaria tree) when attacked by a fungal infection, produces, in self-defence, a plant natural secretion (like antibodies).

Nature & Price of Natural Ingredients

Just some 2-examples to help you get grips with the price of wellness & beauty. The price of OUD comes down to ingredients from the Aquilaria tree, rarity of the trees itself and the amount of time that must pass for the infection to happen and the resultant OUD to mature. This is why the price of a high-quality variety starts at (more or less) (USD) 49 thousand for just a kilo of the OUD.

The 2nd example is provided by the Anogeissus tree (native to Ghana). It must have taken 5 years to develop the signature serum for anti-aging. The product has a light, gel-like texture that sinks into the skin once in contact with the body, leaving your complexion plump, radiant, hydrated and a velvety skin. The secret ingredient of this serum is from the tree bark extract. This tree has been traditionally used by Ghana people throughout the ages as a natural wound healer.

Origins, scion of the beauty big business (or empire) Estee lauder, delved into the science behind this tradition of wound healing with Anogeissus tree and after years of costly research at the University of Strasbourg, it was found that the bark of the tree has ingredients that are able to protect collagen; boost skin's natural production levels of a glycoprotein, called fibrillin, which keeps skin firm.

The Origins anti-aging serum range uses the Anogeissus bark as its core ingredients source but also contains a cocktail of other plant extracts (maintain collagen and elastin), essential oils (antioxidants), and pink rose (soothes and calms). The result is a wonderful fragrant product that targets lines, wrinkles and rough skin without drying or irritation and visibly skin-lifts with a more youthful appearance after few weeks of use.

It is as well ok to note that Origins beauty business was actually dreamt up in the 80's but was launched in 1990 by Leonard Lauder, son of Estee Lauder; and the president and General Manager is Jane Lauder, a 3rd generation member of the Lauder family. The tag-line of "powered by nature, proven by science" could also serve as a reflection of costs and beauty, especially when one thinks of a visionary team of more than 100 plants scientists and beauty chemists that are engaged in isolation, purification, testing and refinement of each natural ingredients sourced from across the globe with over 700 tested each year.

It is even more so when one thinks of all that is involved when a wellness and beauty product brand has to be a culmination of scientific efforts on power of potent plants, study of the history of use in traditional medicine / cultures around the world; the role they might play to resolve body's needs while honouring universal / natural commitment to protect the planet and those who populate it - Paradigm of Accountability (PA) and Optimum Wellness Environment (OWE).