The 5 Golden Rules (or Guidelines) in the Choice and Use of Cosmetics

It is risky and unsafe to use cosmetics wrongly. Using expired ones are unsafe and risky as well. The risk is very high too if used without making sure the product has PAO (Period After Opening). The same risk or safety problem is associated with using the right cosmetics on the wrong skin and vice versa. Hence, the need for proper skin determination before cosmetics are applied.

The 5 Golden Rules

  1. Be aware of contents or ingredients contained in the cosmetics. Don't just buy because of trade popularity. Be sure of quality and there should be zero harmful substances.

  2. INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) was born in 1997 for consumer protection. INCI insertion is required (since 1997) on all cosmetic products. INCI is the cosmetic ingredient list expressed according to standard nomenclature. A specific list is applicable with each product.

  3. INCI allows you (so easily) to identify harmful substances (ingredients) or allergens that may be present in a cosmetic product about to be purchased to be look out for suffixes: -one. -siloxane and -sitanol.

  4. The INCI law is to checkmate cosmetic manufacturers who offer low quality products because they want to make more profit. Ingredients below 1% can intentionally be inserted in the INCI but in no particular order (instead of descending). Be careful: such low quality ingredients usually start a slow process of degradation as soon as opened.

  5. Another important regulatory practice is that, in addition to INCI, the packaging of a cosmetic product must contain PAO (Period After Opening); Expiration Date is required if the product expires within 36 months; the contents (ingredients) by specific units; names of Distributor and maybe Manufacturer.