Heading into 21st century with the below 20 concerns about Health & Wellness:

  1. Consistent reduction in activity levels/physical exercise.

  2. Increasing obesity. World Obesity Record reveals that a very high percentage of those born in the 80s are already overweight/ obese.

  3. Excess body or belly fat, localized fat distribution or abnormal waist-to-hip ratio (a warning already of increased risk).

  4. Environment issues and congestions.

  5. Public health deterioration concerns and disorderliness.

  6. Surrounding pathogens, hazards, pollutants, noise, etc.

  7. Ageing generations categories LOL (Living Older Longer) vs. LYL (Living Younger Longer).

  8. Many of your friends with muscle loss, characteristic middle-aged weight gain, and worrisome BFV (Belly Fat Verdict). You may wish to measure it out now, to be sure.

  9. Isolation and Loneliness caused by mobile devices, internet and other addictions; and isolation itself causes the skin/body to age rapidly with reduced PPP (passion, power, and performance).

  10. Body Composition Details / Analysis such as Fatty Mass, lean mass, body water (extracellular and intracellular), optimum body mass index and ideal weight.

  11. Calorie count or monitoring calories consumed via PNP (Personalised Nutrition Plan) in 24 hour basis and how this generally affects wellness.

  12. Your defence (immune) system strategy, especially, when the bill comes due (bill of wrong choices / decisions).

  13. Oxidant stress control with appropriate herbal food supplements which eliminate excess free radicals. These radicals are directly related to ageing and well over 50 chronic degenerative diseases and associated ultimate accident (UA).

  14. The need to protect the body against aggressive Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that threaten our health and well being.

  15. Targeting achievement of better internal balance and activity of entire body bio-field via the balance of life 3 angles or Balancing Triangles of Life. When it is about health, well-being or wellness; then, the entire mystery about life lies in balance.

  16. The noticeable / un-noticeable inflammatory processes and the major roles they play in the PROPER FUNCTIONING OR MALFUNCTION of virtually every system, tissue, or organ in the human body when the body systems are abused through excesses or imbalance.

  17. Normalization of the cells internal environment (for optimum cellular metabolism) calls for better understanding of impacts on cells / DNA of certain substances. For instance, negatively charged water of Aqua Sanitas is needed to reduce cell / DNA damage caused by free radicals / active oxygen and 5 organic acids (waste substances).

  18. Compatibility with others begins with compatibility with self. Just as self-love leads to self-worth and universal love (Divine love); which now expresses through us, draws to us all that are needed to make us happy, fulfilled and our life complete with the Ultimate Success (with two needs for all).

  19. Varying status of well-being or numerous health conditions - seen & unseen - that obtain when our bodies are abused through food / drink or over-indulgence. The conditions are important because now we can promote health and wellness more effectively than ever simply by influencing inflammation through personalised nutrition with exercise.

  20. Knowing that the difference in our happiness and success levels is all about balance. This awareness lays the groundwork for Real Happiness - the Ultimate Success - and this affects how long or short we live on this planet, Earth; how enjoyable or bitter it is while here; how creative or destructive while going through life; how well or bad we do at school, work, business, etc; and what our TWWA (The Way We Are) is like.

The origin of many life unpleasant experiences, illnesses, chronic diseases and life-long burden (LLB) are related to above (1 to 20).

Chronic diseases, you know, are complex and expensive for patients, households, and healthcare providers to manage. Life - long burden indeed!

THE BEST THINGS ARE OFTEN THE MOST SIMPLE. As a universal rule, really the best things are CHEAP, FREE, and SIMPLE!

You do not necessarily need travel far out to begin to discover and embrace the Vosan Wellness principles and concepts of "LIVE LIFE WELL" (wellness).

With Vosan Wellness you have a guide / road map or partner to journey with through innovative, creative products, programmes and services that embody age long, celebrated, remedial, natural, regenerating, spiritually - uplifting principles / ingredients.