Rare and Special Order Products

R1 Alpha-Fetoprotein
R2 Goal Anti human 1gG-1gA
R3 Goat Anti human haptoglobin
R4 Goat Anti human Transferrin
R5 Goat Anti human
R6 Anti Alpha, Antirypsin
R7 Antithrombin III
R10 Alpha 1-Glycoprotein
R11 Complement C3
R12 Complement C4
R13 Haptoglobin
R141 IgA
R15 IgM
R16 IgM
R17 Alpha 92 Macroglobulln
R18 Microalbumin
G1 Drug Controls for control of drug therapy
G2 Electrophoresis Control Serum protein for
monitoring the accuracy and precision of the method used in Clinical Laboratory
G3 Metals Controls - for Calibroton of Instruments used in determination of the metals in samples.
G4 Protein controls: assists, in the monitoring of accuracy and precision of the methods used in the Clinical laboratory.
G5 Rheumatold controls
G6. Apollpoprotein A1
G7 ASO Standard
G8 CRP Standard
G9 RF Standard
G10 Serum protein multicalibrators
G11 1 gA-1 g9-1 gM combination Tests