Wellness Programs/Packages


In addition to specific or personalised gains, the benefits of the VWR+R Programs / Packages, practices and use of the various wellbeing products include active pride and health / physical attributes that come from participation in positively life-changing, scientific, educational, wise and naturally simple group / organisation.

To enhance creativity and maximise use of simple wellness tips, (on happiness, lifestyle, meals, drinks, exercises, safety etc) included in the programs are music, dance, exercise-dance and multi-cultural events / activities. Music takes us into depths of our being.

This is why regular group workouts (especially outdoor and dynamic) that emphasise fun, mix-music and happy moments are emphasised. A new field - New Age Music deals with music and dance for healing, relaxation, de-stress and wellbeing boost.

Music - exercise - dance sharpens the mind, performance artistry, and promotes cultural values as well as universal love.

S/N Code Programs / Packages
1. FBMs Fight Back Measures (Personalised)
2. ILIWC Improved Lifestyle on the Continuum
3. FY Fountain of Youth
4. HMB Happy Moments Boost
5. PSD Personalised Self Development
6. HPD / TTT Human Potentials Development (Train To Train)
7. LLL Life, Lifestyle Literacy
8. BR Body Re-posturing
9. TS Tracking Self
10. HEP Health Elevating Practices / Products
12. NFZC NF Zumba Club Membership
13. WGFT Gymstick Total Body Fitness Membership
14. PVT Pool Volleyball Team
15. FTI Freelance Trainee Instructors Class
16. FTD Food Tasting and Design
17. DA The Dance Arcade
18. MC&C Motivational Contest and Competition
19. D&D@VWR Dance and Dine at VWR
20. Yoga Yoga class
21. OWE Optimal Wellness Environments (and Support Networks)
22. CDP Career Development Program
23. HSC Hands – on – Short Course program
24. SBOFA STD Bearers on Fitness Arena
25. WTP Wellness Total Package
26. PEP Personalised Exercise Package (program, plan)
27. MONC Meals On Nutritional Consideration
28. PNP Personalised Nutrition Package (program, plan)
29. 4R / HDH Restoration, Recovery, Rehab and Rejuvenation program
30. HPD / Ex / 3T HPD/Exchange Training program
31. EFB Exercise/ Fitness Break/ weekend/ Holiday
32. WTB Wellness Lifestyle Break/Weekend/Holiday
33. FE&A Fitness Excursions and Adventure