VWR+R Program Procedure Highlights

  1. The VWR+R programs are designed to develop in clients the wise desire to incorporate wellness principles and concepts into their personal lives and practices.

  2. All registered clients are guided by wellness educators, trainers or higher level practitioners (based on attained level) through self-appraisal, re-appraisal, evaluation and education process via questionnaire, interviews and reminders/ discussions.

  3. There is the possibility for tracking self through carefully tested and effective in-built mechanism for a professional setting, choosing from a wide menu of choices.

  4. The use of biofeedback (monitoring devices that display information about the operation of a bodily function that is not normally consciously controlled, eg. The heart rate or blood pressure) as a non-threatening pathway to inner awakening, self-development, peace and well-being is fundamental.

  5. Emphasis is on the uniqueness of the new model wellness program that is rooted on paradigm of accountability (PA), not on paradigm of discountability (PD).

  6. The new programs are in packages and have been specially designed to address the flaw in most other wellness/healthy programs of today and expand clients’ horizon /enrich their experiences, positively altering their views on wellness lifestyle.

  7. So Many Well-being Products and Practices Already Today
  8. There are certainly countless numbers of so-called wellness/well-being, well-life/healthy-living (whatever name) programs, products and practices; all sorts of practitioners, advocates and experts; as well as numerous product groups such as various supplements, herbal products, body boosters, exercise and massage devices.

Most - if not all - of the above lay emphasis on solving problems ranging from;

  • Unfit body
  • Smoking
  • Non-exercise life
  • Obesity
  • HBP (High Blood Pressure)
  • Pot belly
  • Frequent illness
  • Loss or lack of self or/and universal love
  • Despair/negativism
  • "The Way We Are"; challenges; to spiritual, psychological, economic, etc difficulties

But this is: "Treatment Context" and there, is the flaw, that is, they want to overcome problems, deal with challenges; cure/treat one ailment or the other; or improve on "the way we are" physical signs WITHOUT first rooting these programs on what Dr. John W. Travis called PA (Paradigm of Accountability).

In order to explain well and increase understanding of The flaw or Treatment Context, and Paradigm of Accountability (PA) below are 4 examples (operational methods) in use by other wellness program operators, or healthcare givers.

  1. They ignore the possibility that the symptoms (listed above) – so called problems or challenges are but guiding light for the client to get back on course via the modified wellness programs, i.e, TRIO, NTA, etc (the Instruments strategy) hence, VWR+R orientation and re-orientation, medical wellness, "the way we are", etc programs/packages and practices.

  2. They attempt to remove bad habits without 1st replacing them with the needed good ones (hence, the need for interviews, discussions, reminders, re-awakening via LLL, etc.)

  3. They claim/assume to know more about what is better for their clients than the clients themselves. The actual battle ground is on the clients’ body who feel it and understand more than anyone else about the problem. Hence, the training programs on Bodily Communication (BC) and Help the Doctor to Help You (HDHY).

  4. The PGSM Arrangement. They perpetuate the belief that solution lies with someone “out there” and not with the client. PD as against PA. Defects or flaws numbers 3 and 4 are just in line with our culture of always looking to external sources (parents, God, science (orthodox and unorthodox) and medicine – PGSM) for salvation. The culture of blame games.

Therefore, the New Model Wellness methods are deeply rooted on:

  • avoiding or correcting the flaw/defects in methods
  • PA and not PD (develops the power within)
  • de-emphasize Treatment context
  • Back to Nature
  • Use of TRIO, NTA, etc as instruments strategy to target and regulate the chain of physiological events that follow slowed metabolism at landmark ages of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, etc, hence our FBM, HEPP, LLL.

The measures are intended to address the above defects and take clients back to “self”. Searchlight on self. Self re-awakening to increase consciousness/awareness that God, Allah, Nature (whatever you conceive Him to be) has already provided us with everything and all (solutions, achievements, happiness, etc) are just close to us as our HHH (Head, Heart, Hand). The crux of the matter is PA. The searchlight is now re-directed to the “Mighty self”. 

Basic Self Q No. 1:
In how many ways and by how much each way has “self” contributed to the problems/groups of problems?

The Problem Groups/Individuals

  • Personal
  • Societal
  • Economic
  • Political
  • Environmental
  • “the way we are”, etc
  • all are self made i.e. “Made-In-Self”. Either self or selves.

Consider how much each problem group (eg. society) has contributed to each personal/individual or social/group problem. For example;

Problem Group Society vs. Personal/individual (each)
" " Society vs Overweight
" " Parents vs Overweight
" " God vs Overweight
" " Science vs Overweight

Note: Science = (civilization, modernity, development)

The success of this new method is linked to its ability to gradually develop “self” (properly registered clients) via trained wellness teachers or instructors – to now begin to learn to take “new” responsibility for own well-being.

In their daily living (through proper wellness decisions or choices) clients are trained/advised to always try to balance the intellectual reasoning and conceptual understanding of their Head with the compassionate calling of their Heart and the practical applications of their Hand (i.e. the HHH). This, they are able to perfect with practice. So, at VWR+R, we rather perpetuate PA and not PD and belief that power/strength (to achieve, change, challenge, etc) lies with Self “right there” under your “nose” at HHH.

This is new power/strength; and is developed from within; from knowledge that comes from proper education (on wellness + health). Health and wellness is a matter of enhancing our self-healing potentials of Mind Body Spirit (MBS) – DS or IS – (by seeing) through the Bigger Picture of Health.

The DS or IS Strategy

8. Evaluation

The level of wellness attained by an individual is not only defined by patterns of

Nutrition - the 12 way we are physical signs
            - Medwell
            - CC (Continuum Consciousness) vs.HLW

Fitness - the 12 way we are physical signs
          - Fitness status
          - CC vs. HLW

Stress and

The Dozen Physical Signs

but also by the gradual realization that solutions to many life challenges are as close to you just as your head, heart and hands are close to your body.