Nature's Aromas

Nature has certainly unlimited hidden treasures on the green surface of the earth: every leaf, flower, branch, trunk, root, grass, fruit, seed etc, around us and each holds a secret essence that can benefit the mind, body and spirit. These secrets can help one lead a naturally better, healthier and happier life. As far back as 4000 B.C, the secrets have been revealed through the field of aromatherapy. While the early humans saw no separation between the spiritual and natural world, the modern man only widened the gap, hence, the more un-natural or artificial his life is.

As the artificial environment - the so-called development/civilization - takes over the natural, man continuously looses grip with nature. Therefore, Nature's aromatic secrets are now becoming extinct.

However, there are wellness products and services that (through aromatherapy) bring to you these secrets and take you back closer and closer to nature. These products work in the depths of the soul to help improve health and boost positive emotions.

Handsome/Beauty Stuff In Man's World

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it." Confucius

Beauty Big Business (BBB) fairs, news and forums where global trend setting fragrance compounders or companies and icons as well as experienced and enthusiastic perfumers all come together from around the world to define the (future) shape of things to come are growing rapidly alongside what stuff beauty is made of. Natural and creative forms, colours, flavours, aromas and fragrances are all powerful beauty ingredients.

Indulge your cravings well: eat well, think well, see well, hear well, act well and be beautiful/handsome or more if you are already or maintain what you have. All great chefs know the strong connection (call it secret) between beauty and great dishes. A great dish has powerful aroma and depends on the quality of its ingredients. The stronger the aroma, the more arousal or thought-provoking and the happier you are in anticipation.

Therefore, it is also well to have passion while choosing the ingredients, cooking the great dish or while preparing the recipe. It is well and great to enjoy all of it. When you are happy this way, you feel even more beautiful/handsome; and when you feel this way, you are even happier and your personal magnetism (aura) goes up; you are more positive, attractive and radiate more natural love thereby attracting better things to your life because there is a connection between the emotions and thoughts that positively work for you affecting mind, body and spirit.

This is why real beauty is often defined as "natural" - and really is - reflecting who you really are, what you eat, how you think/act and how your senses of sight and sound respond to and are tuned to Nature.

Your emotions should drive you when you choose ingredients or food materials for your great dish. Create time and buy them from where the quality is higher especially when the vegetables are fresher and all items as natural as possible.

Form this habit of choosing your food materials/ingredients just with the same attention and enthusiasm you pay when choosing your body creams or grooming items. The food or dish actually also deserves good arrangement to enhance its looks - kind of artistic touch - that will appeal to the senses of sight, smell and touch.

Certainly, this is what you really need to nourish you and your beauty, so they do deserve more attention. If you think of loving yourself first, so you will be loved back; think of good health; how fit you are and get fitter and fitter, then, action starts with eating well - real good food and no dull moments about this task. Food is real pleasure of life!