Mindworld Spectral Vision Equipment

Developed by Mindworld of Frankfurt, Germany. The Spectral Vision Professional Equipment is a unique device for:

  1. Stress-reduction
  2. Improved energy level
  3. Psychosomatic disorders
  4. Anxiety-removal
  5. Relaxation
  6. Positive influence on mood
  7. Mental regeneration
  8. Anti-depression
  9. Physical regeneration

It is a computerized light and sound system working in the range of the human brainwave patterns called

  • BETA

The client wears the Spectral Vision goggles and headphones, relaxes back on the Swecco Rocking chair to enjoy only one (out of the 50 sophisticated preset programs).

How It Works

The human brain consists of 2 hemispheres - the right and left hemispheres. The left - the intellectual part - does the intellectual functions, while the right is for the creative and emotional processes. The equipment helps the patient's right and left hemispheres to work more evenly together that is, synchronisation. The long term effects:

  1. The right hemisphere is integrated in the process
  2. Even long forgotten things from the past may come back to the conscious mind by colours, visions and imaginations
  3. Because of these re-integration + activation processes caused by synchronising lights and sounds from the equipment, the right hemisphere answers with synchronising active thoughts and images


  1. Each client sees (his/her) own colours only in a 20-30 minute session (despite original white light stimulation)
  2. The colours are different from person to person - also from day to day - even from same program


  1. Programs selection:
    1. Mindworld program without Swecco S&F - N3,500
    2. Mindworld program with Swecco S&F - N4,500
  2. Appropriate fees and documentation process
  3. Program start - program end -
  4. Preclusion: user should have nothing to do with:
    1. Seizures/epilepsy
    2. Visual photosensitivity
    3. Pacemaker
    4. Any heart disorder
    5. Stimulants
    6. Tranquilizers
    7. Psychotropic medications
    8. Alcohol and drugs

If you feel uncomfortable or bothered by the flashing light - use music only without the light.

Swecco S&F (Stretch and Flex) Moves

Chair Anchor (CA)

  1. Hand back of head
    Lie face down
    Raise upper body to straight spine

  2. Lie relaxed, forehead on hands
    Raise RH (right hand) and LL (left leg), straight spine
    Alternate move

  3. Hands back of head
    Lie sideways
    Raise upper body
    Other side

  4. RL (right leg) on chair
    LL on ground
    Left knee bent forward, LH (left hand) on upper lap
    RH back of lower back, chest out

  5. Hands fully stretched above head
    Lie sideways
    Other side

  6. Seat, lie back on chair
    Knee bent, heel close to buttocks
    Lift knee close to face

Chair Rock (CR)

  1. Lie, hands on bent knee
    Rock, move knee close to face

  2. Lie, hands down on chair
    Rock forward to sitting position