Health Ball

The health ball is a traditional product of China dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1611 A.D). It has been used for the maintenance of good health through many centuries.

According to traditional medical theory, the ten fingers are linked to the heart and other major organs of the body through a network of channels through which the vital energy of the body flows. By rotating the two balls on your palm with the fingers, the acupuncture points on the hand are stimulated. This will result in an unimpeded flow of blood and vital energy throughout the body. Regular exercise with the health balls on the hands has been known to cure hypertension, strengthen the bones and muscles and prevent various ailments.

Put two health balls on your palm. Move the fingers to cause the balls to rotate and revolve in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Continue for as long as you like. Repeat this exercise with the other palm. You may like to select smaller balls at the beginning. After gaining some skills, you may like to use larger balls. You may also use more than two balls on one palm.