Body Expert Machines (BEM & BR)

Weight-loss, Beauty and Active Slimming High-Tech Devices

6-in-1 Combination Function Equipment:

  • Electrostimulation
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Infrared Sauna & Skin Vitality
  • Detoxification
  • Body Massage & Relaxation
  • Slimming & Body Firming


Carefully designed and according to human bionics research and work via high-tech means to deliver results/effects:

  1. Fat-breakdown and Fat Dissolution.
  2. Lymphatic Drainage (natural lymph drainage from tissue via gentle massage).
  3. Magnetic Therapy.
  4. High-tech Massage: Manipulates superficial and deeper muscle layers to enhance function, aid healing, relaxation, etc.
  5. Electrotherapy: By precisely reproducing the processes that occur when our brain orders muscles to contract. Via electrostimulation the muscles cannot tell the difference between a voluntary contraction (triggered by the brain) and an electrically induced one (by BEM).
  6. Pressure Therapy: Via air pressure and air massage.
  7. Slimming: Healthy weight loss, health and physical fitness via reduced total body mass through fluids, fats, etc.
  8. Beauty of Body and Skin: Infrared heaters/light absorbed by the skin surface; Skin and body firming.
  9. Relaxation: Boosts health and immunity via decreased muscle reflex activity and inhibition of motor-neuron excitability.
  10. Leading Functions in Medicine: Boosts absorptions and efficacy of drugs and supplements.
  11. Accelerates Curing/Healing, Anti-inflammation, Calmness, De-stress and Peaceful sleep.

How It Works/Functions

LFP (Low Frequency Pulse) electricity can stimulate the muscles to fremitus and shrink. This can decompose large quantities of fat cells (Re; Aqua Sanitas).

Electro pads on the points can adjust the function of inner body and restrain fat build-up through accelerated metabolism. This speeds up body biochemistry (biochemical reactions) that consume ATP for catabolic processes (depletes fat cells).

Airbags inflate & deflate in intervals with changed air pressure: This can rub off, dissociate & smash the fat cells.

  1. Beauty of Body & Skin: When weak bionic electric current stimulate sensory nerve endings in the epidermis, the slack skin will be exquisite and springy.

  2. Relaxation & Immunity (DS, Defence/immune System) Boost: The micro electricity that works the body leads to accelerated blood circulation and muscle relaxation. The heat energy generated by infrared rays will further relax tensed muscle and activate peace & tranquillity.

  3. Promotes Healing, Potency of Medicine & Treatments: Stimulates and reinforces healing and activates body's efficient absorption of medicines for faster recovery.